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Why Trading for Women?

Trading for Women has been created based on the idea of educating and guiding women about the skills needed for trading and investing in the financial markets so they can manage their own wealth. The focus lies on creating a strong foundation based on learning the basic knowledge and finding out which markets might be more appealing to women. 

OUR MISSION at Trading for Women is to become one of the planet’s leading platforms raising financial awareness for women. We do this by giving women the best learning materials and resources to unlock their personal and financial potential. If you find this attractive, then we would love to meet you.

OUR VISION at Trading for Women is to become the planet’s financial woman-centric education company. We want to build a safe space where women can become confident, educated and independent. We will close the gap in the financial sector and balance the financial system. 


Meet Giovana

I’m Giovana, an entrepreneur, certified forex trader, crypto investor, speaker, blogger, author, and a global citizen of the world who grew up in Peru. Arriving in The Netherlands, I learned Dutch, studied bookkeeping and took on a Finance job that helped me discover a passion for currency interaction. I launched my personal journey into the world of trading and investing in the financial markets and have never regretted that decision. 

My passion is to inform and guide women about the advantages of trading on the forex market, making investments in cryptocurrencies, and developing effective money-management skills. I think it is time for women to reach their full potential in the financial industry.

Why should you believe in what I say?

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Unlock your financial future with me and soar to new heights.

When you think of retirement, what comes to mind? Are you ready for that period of your life? More importantly, are your finances ready? Because here’s some news: if you’re not ready, then you’ll never retire. If you’re one of those women who look forward to depending on their partners, here’s another news flash: 


Statistics suggest that 90% of women will be wholly responsible for their finances at some point. Whether it’s because they choose to remain single or due to divorce, or that they outlive their partners. Unfortunately, more women would prefer to discuss their own death rather than finances. What many women fail to realize is that talking about money or getting ready for future retirement can become as natural as eating. The answer?

Financial education & implementation

The risk of not trading is greater than the risk of trading. It is never too late to start trading, so your starting point is NOW!

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By understanding the particular skill of trading, you may discover HOW to take ownership of your financial future. This AMAZING (and FREE) ebook will teach you the basic principles that will give you the courage and trust you need to live in freedom and lead the life you desire.

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Learn HOW you can take control of your financial future by learning the only one skill called trading. In this AWESOME (and FREE) ebook you’ll learn the basics nuggets that’ll give you the courage and confidence to live independent on your own terms and have the life you love. 

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    "The first step into our power for claiming it,
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