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When you think of retirement, what comes to mind? Are you ready for that period of your life? More importantly, are your finances ready for that time? Because here’s some news: if you’re not ready, then you’ll never retire. If you’re one of those women who look forward to depending on their partners, here’s another news flash: 


Statistics suggest that 90% of women will be wholly responsible for their finances at some point. Whether it’s because they choose to remain single or due to divorce, or in the event that they outlive their partners. Unfortunately, more women would prefer to discuss their own death over finances. What many women fail to realize is that talking about money or getting ready for future retirement can become as natural as eating.  The answer?

Start NOW by learning how to make wise money decisions and in no time, you’ll realize the future is taken care of.

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Take control of your financial future.

The first step into our power for claiming it, is to understand that we have it.

Trading for Women has been created based on the idea of educating and guiding women about the skill needed for trading and investing in the financial markets so they can manage their own wealth. The focus lies on creating a strong foundation based on learning the basic knowledge and finding out which market might be more appropriate for the woman. Giovana teaches how to create strategies, how to focus on the money mindset and how to find their personality investors with the help of a psychologist. Giovana focusses mainly on women because she has discovered that women have peculiar strengths that give them an edge over men in trading and investing.

The risk of not trading is greater than the risk of trading. It’s never too late to start trading.

Giovana Vega, Trading for Women’s founder an authority in the field of trading and investing for women guides women in business and female entrepreneurs in creating wealth even if they have no prior financial knowledge. Her passion is to inspire, create awareness and mentor women about the benefits of trading in the financial markets as well as taking charge of their own financial future. She believes that it is time for women to unleash their potential in the financial sector.

Do you want to build wealth?

Giovana Vega shares what she has learned from over 5 years of investing her own money in just about everything, while creating extra income and loving life along the way. One of the most compelling reasons for you to invest is the prospect of not having to work your entire life! 

Bottom line, there are only two ways to make money: by working and/or by having your assets work for you. It really doesn’t matter how you do it. Whether you trade in the forex market or invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and futures, precious metals, real estate, your own small business, or any combination thereof, the objective is the same: to make investments that will generate more cash for you in the future. Because, as they say: 

“Money isn’t everything, but happiness alone can’t keep out the rain.” Whether your goal is to send your kids to college or to retire on a yacht in the Mediterranean, taking care of your money is essential to getting you where you want to be.



Professional services to build your financial wealth


Giovana has designed several trainings to help you create inner confidence and a positive wealth creation mindset, by simplifying investing and financial education. She teaches you to build strong connections with like-minded women and how to invest your money and become financial independent. 


Giovana is an international speaker. She has been inspiring women across the globe in at least 10 countries about creating financial awareness. She speaks at conventions, seminars and events. Her style can be described as clear and substantial with a touch of inspiration. She is also always connected to her audience.


Giovana’s books are not your traditional financial guidelines. Because traditional financial education never worked for her. Each book she’s written speaks to the heart and empowers women with information and resources to accelerate their financial success. Unlock your financial future and soar to new heights.

Meet Giovana

Giovana Vega is a King Juan Carlos University-certified Forex Trader, international motivational speaker, and money mindset strategist who grew up in Peru. Arriving in Holland in 1997, she learnt Dutch, studied bookkeeping and took on a Finance job that helped her discover a passion for currency interactions.  

In 2014, Giovana launched her personal journey into the world of trading and investing and has never regretted that decision. As the founder of “Trading for Women,” her business revolves around money-mindset, wealth-creation and lifestyle. Giovana is committed to helping women take charge of their financial future. One of such ways is by creating financial awareness, something she does with her book “Trading for Success, 8 Secrets Why Women are Better Forex Traders.”


I must say that Women in Tech event in Amsterdam wasn’t such a “must attend” but I met a few very inspirational ladies and the highlight was Giovana.  I was in the audience while she gave her speech related to her journey and how today she is empowering, encouraging, motivating and supporting women across the Globe. I felt very much connected to her as many points of her speech were so close to my personal journey.

She felt very real, authentic and I am quite sure that listening to her was one of the best 30 minutes investment for all of us listening.  Giovana doesn’t try to impress but transmits direct, at the point messages; and some of them touches your emotion and state of wellbeing immediately because you feel understood and “not alone”.  I am truly grateful to have met her and definitely will go to further speeches when my schedule allows it. Thank you! for making my day Giovana and for being such an inspiration for all women entrepreneurs out there!


Niky Achivei

Founder & CEO VTRANSFAIR LTD.  London, UK

It has been a year ago that I have attended a Trading Workshop from Giovana. I have always wanted to learn Trading but was always scared of it and ofcourse because of all the stories that I have heard all my life…it’s only for rich people.

This is only for people. However after a long time of thinking this opportunity came knocking at my door so I took the chance with both hands. A whole new world opend up for me and yes it’s difficult in the beginning but it ain’t that difficult like I thought it would be. Yes, everybody can do this!

Giovana explains it so well. She has a lot of patience, and with me it’s a bit needed with all my questions that I have. She is really a great teacher. She wants you to succeed and support you so you can work on your own financial freedom future without relying on anybody. She also empowers women to take matter in their own hands so you don’t have to depent on anybody to help you financially.

Camila zw

Camila Verweij-Westerhuis

Makeup Artist, Certified Muah & Nailtech, Founder and Owner of Divaliciouss

It was a great pleasure to meet Giovana during her presentation about Forex Trading. She didn’t present herself as a tough business woman who promised us the moon and is talking mainly about her own achievements.

She presented herself as a sincere woman with a solid inner strenght. Lovely. 

With integrity she shared in easy words some of her knowledge and at the same time she checked us, her audiance, if we could understand what she was telling. And at last, she took the time to answer our questions.Her presentation showed me her trustworthy in who she is as a human being and in her expertise.

Thank you so much!


Josephine Wierdsma

During the European Women in Technology 2019 Conference I had the opportunity to listen Giovana on a speak titled “Making your Mark as a Female Founder” and I hadn’t felt so empowered in such a long time.   

Giovana is a really brave woman who was able to inspire us with her impressive successful story.   Her call for us to become more self-confident, understanding that most of the times ourselves are the only bottle neck which block us from squeezing our own potential and boost our professional profiles was for me one of the keys of her speech.   

It was also great to had the opportunity to speak with her after the presentation and get some advices about our concerns. Disruptive and driven women like her with such a good mindset and big heart is what I think makes the difference in a world as competitive as we live in.


Mirellys Arteta Dávila

iOS Developer at ANWB

"The first step into our power for claiming it,
is to understand that we have it."

- Giovana Vega -

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