10+ Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift

10+ Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift

The Christmas holidays are approaching and many of us are left looking for gifts at the last minute. Well, why look any further than money itself? After all, we all know the best gift is simply money and there are a ton of fun ways to give money as a gift.

The truth is handing someone a card with a 25-dollar bill inside can seem boring. Not only that, but if you simply hand someone cash as a gift, it can be a little awkward.

But even though money itself is not the most creative gift, it can still be presented in a fun way. If you present the money in a funny, creative, or unexpected way, then that changes the entire feel of a cash gift.

You can use the ideas mentioned in this article to give gifts for any occasion, whether that’s Christmas, graduation, or a birthday celebration.

Keep in mind that you decide to give money to the appropriate person. Handing over some cash to grandma is probably not the best thing to do. But giving the same money to a teenager would be their favorite gift of all time. 

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What is a Creative Way to Give Money as a Gift?

Money is one of the most useful gifts you can give to someone. And if you are at a loss for all the fun ways to give money as a gift, I have some great ideas for you to give a try.

1. Real Money Notepad

One of the most creative ways of presenting money as a gift is by designing a notepad with real cash. The kids can conveniently tear one dollar off of the notepad whenever they need it. Make sure not to stick the dollars together too tightly as they can rip off.

2. Tissue Box Full of Cash

The kiddos might be surprised and disappointed at seeing a tissue box as a gift. But when they realize that it’s filled with money, the joy on their face will be hard to beat.

Use tape to stick dollars together so that when the recipient of the gift pulls out a dollar, it comes out streamlined, as a tissue would.

3. Cash-Filled First Aid Emergency Kit

One simple yet creative way to gift money is by buying a small first aid kit box. You can then fill this box with money.

Your teenager might be confused at first as to receive a first aid kit as a gift. But once they open the kit, they will find a nice surprise waiting inside in the form of cash.

4. Money in a Pizza Box

One of the many fun ways to give money as a gift is to secure it down in a pizza box. You can use glue dots so that the money won’t fall over the place. You can create a nice round design in the shape of a pizza with cash.

This is a funny way to surprise the young ones with money as a gift.

5. Money in a Jar Full of Candy

If you are not great at DIY-ing but still want a beautiful gift idea to give cash in, a mason jar full of money and candy is the way to go! All you have to do is fill up the jar with the receiver’s favorite candy and stuff some dollars inside along with it.

6. Bowl Full of Greens

A funny way to give a nice little cash gift is to fill a bowl with cash. You can fill the bowl as you like. For instance, a creative idea is to fold red wrapping paper around some coins. This would make some metaphorical tomatoes while the dollars act as the greens – making a rather hearty salad bowl of money!

7. Play-Doh Container Money

Add some cash into a play-doh container. The little ones will surely squeal with joy at the sight of a dollar in the container.

8. Box of Chocolate with Money

Chocolate + money. What’s not to love?

Grab a box of chocolates and put some money inside it along with the chocolate pieces. It could be cash or coins – the choice is up to you.

9. Box Full of Cash-Filled Balloons

A box of balloons is not only colorful and creative, but it surely will surprise the kids.

You can roll up a bill and put it into each balloon. For an extra touch of personalization, add a little note. Then, fill the balloons up with helium and gift them!

10. Emergency Money

One of the most fun ways to give money as a gift is to wrap a gift card or cash in a glass frame and get it enclosed. You can write something like, “break glass in case of emergency!” on the frame for an added touch of humor.

11. Cash Umbrella

Make money rain with a cash umbrella. Start by cutting ribbons of different lengths and attaching money to them. Then, tie the ribbons inside the umbrella.

The little ones will be pleasantly surprised when they find out that there is money inside the seemingly ordinary umbrella. This would not only make for a fantastic gift, but the opening of the gift and discovery of the money would be exciting and humorous as well.

12. Gift Card Snow Globe

Want a beautiful way to give money as a gift? There is no better than to glam it up with a snow globe.

You can put the money inside a gift card and put it into a personalized snow globe as shown here.

13. Light Bulb Filled with Cash

Gift a teenager with a fake light bulb that is full of dollar bills. This is a unique idea and one that can be made pretty simple yet aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated.

Hopefully, these gift ideas allowed you to overcome your creative block and helped you be your favorite aunt or uncle by not only giving money but giving it in a creative way to the young ones in your life!

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