10 Powerful Books to Teach Kids About Money

10 Best Books to Teach Kids About Money

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The best financial books for children are those that help your children become money-savvy. This is our list of 10 powerful books to teach kids about money.

Every parent should consider buying a money book for their kids as early as possible. Teaching and instilling good financial habits in our children are paramount to their growth and success in life. 

Getting ahead of the financial curve is something that many of our parents didn’t do. Of course, it can be difficult to teach your kids what you were never taught yourself. Even more importantly, it can be hard to predict the financial difficulties that your children’s generation might face in the future.

But even with limited financial knowledge yourself, you can teach your kids about money management. And the way you can do that is through books. Thus, here are my top picks for the best money books for children. 

Table of Contents

1. National Geographic Kids – Everything Money

This book by National Geographic Kids is a great resource for children who want to learn how money works. The content is super useful and their take on money is easy to understand. 

If you want a starting point for your kids to get interested in the subject of money, this is a good choice. As is with anything National Geographic, the photography inside the book is absolutely beautiful. The visual appeal will help make it easier to stick to the book and learn from it. 

All facts about money are also represented in a clever way that makes them easy to understand and grasp even for younger kids. 

2. Investing for Kids – How to Save, Invest, and Grow Money

This book is suitable for children who are a little older or have already built the basics of money management. This is because Investing for Kids focuses more on investing rather than building the foundations of money.  

The authors of the book have created this book by including examples of famous investors. Your kids will also be able to read about historical financial events, making it one of the best financial books for children.

3. Show Me the Money: Big Questions About Finance

Show me the Money is a unique book that introduces young ones to the world of economics and finance. This book explores a plethora of different topics. Therefore, it contains a ton of knowledge that your kids can take advantage of. 

The book explores things like personal finance, the history of trade, how businesses are fun, and economics. 

It’s also a great resource that answers many important financial questions revolving around ethics and morals. For instance, it talks about fair trade, the impact of business on the environment, and free trade. As if that wasn’t enough, the book goes a step further and features leading masterminds, such as Adam Smith. This is done to give the young readers a well-rounded understanding of the economy on not just the national, but global level. 

4. Dollars & Sense – A Kid’s Guide to Using – Not Losing – Money

Unfortunately, as important as money is, it does not come with a guide. We don’t have an exact instruction manual on the best way to use and control it. Typically, people learn about money through trial and error, which is costly. 

This is why Dollars & Sense can play such an important role in your child’s life. If you are looking for the best financial books for children, this is one of them. 

This book is full of information on the history of money and how economies function. It also covers how people make meaningful money decisions in their personal lives. Additionally, it is filled with diagrams, a glossary, timelines, and additional resources. 

The book also contains information on other relevant topics to money, such as the Great Recession.

5. Heads Up Money

Heads Up Money is one of the best financial books for children who are a little older and have a basic understanding of money. This book goes beyond simply explaining what money is. Instead, it offers answers to questions like what the wage gap is and similar topics. 

It’s a great book that provides a holistic view of money and its role in our modern world.

6. Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not)

This book is for parents who want to ensure that their child has a solid financial foundation. Even if they don’t.  The author has effectively broken down financial concepts in a way that is easy for both parents and kids to understand. She also provides advice for parents like you and me on how to raise financially responsible children.  There are different useful techniques mentioned throughout the books for parents to try with their kids. These include things like hard work, living within your means, and delayed gratification.  The author explains how instilling these money values in kids can help them succeed financially and in life.

7. Earn It!

Earn It! is an awesome book that is most suitable for kids aged 3 to 5 years. It explains basic concepts and educates children on why they need money and why it must be earned. The book is a great resource for instilling healthy financial values in children. It will teach your kids how satisfying it can be to earn the money they have.  Moreover, the format of the book is adorable and fun, which makes learning all the easier. The story revolves around Bun, an adorable bunny who dreams of getting rich and becoming a famous singer.  Instead of experiencing overnight success, Bun learns she must work hard and earn her fame.  This kid’s book is one part of a three-part series that includes Save It! and Spend It!

8. The Missing Money – Money Monsters

There is a reason why this book makes our list of the best financial books for children. A crucial part of learning about money is also knowing how banks work. The Missing Money does exactly that by teaching younger children all about the banking system. 

The book follows the story of Kai who makes his first trip to the bank. After Kai deposits money at ATM, the machine monster eats all his money. As a result, he has a hard time understanding where exactly his money went.

The lessons in this book outline the process banks use to keep our money safe. Additionally, it also talks about how we can use the tools that banks offer to make the most of our money. 

The “Missing Money” is also a great choice due to how colorful and visually appealing it is. It is full of illustrations that will keep the little ones hooked.

9. A Kids Activity Book on Money and Finance

In addition to reading books on money management, there is more your kids can do. Going beyond just reading, your children can make learning fun by doing activities that teach them the value of money.

A Kid’s Activity Book on Money and Finance is the perfect resource for this purpose. 

This activity book features a wide array of fun activities that promote learning by including:

  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Rhyming games
  • Word searches
  • Crossword puzzles

10. The Survival Guide for Money Smarts – Earn, Save, Spend, Give

This book would make for a useful read for children who are around 9 to 14 years of age. Reading can get boring enough as adults let alone as young children. To supplement the reading, parents should try and incorporate books like The Survival Guide for Money Smarts.

Through a variety of kid-friendly techniques, this book provides a thorough foundation of finances. It does so effectively without getting too boring. 

Each of the chapters outlines how to earn, save, spend, and give money. Children can go through choose-your-own-adventure-style stories. They can also complete vocabulary boxes. 

Furthermore, the book also contains true stories and helpful tips and strategies for kid-friendly financial management.

Why Looking for the Best Financial Books for Children is Important?

Teaching children about money as a necessary commodity will benefit them in the long run. It will allow them to make sound financial decisions and build a better future for not just themselves, but their families as they grow older.

The financial knowledge they gain at an early age can be the difference between them achieving financial freedom and leading a stressful lifestyle, living paycheck to paycheck.

The Bottom Line

Young children do not learn critical life lessons unless they are taught to them properly. That’s why I have created the above list of the best financial books for children. Because not only do we need to equip our kids with the right knowledge but we should also do it using the right resources.

As parents, we are all working hard to ensure that our kids lead the best life possible. We want them to have a prosperous future – one in which they don’t have money problems.

By getting them the right books, we are doing just that.


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