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Imagine coming across the most detailed online financial awareness blog for women.

Just imagine it!

On a daily basis, hundreds of enterprising and career women come to this blog looking for free resources never gotten from an online financial blog for women. For you, I promise to share all that I know without holding anything back.

I have packed the best resources and teachings to help you through this learning process. So much has gone into making sure you get great value. In fact, it would be overwhelming to calculate the number of hours that I have put into preparing the contents you will see in this blog. 

I am proud to give you access to the most complete online financial resources, as I share all the knowledge that my community and I use daily.

The Trading for Women Blog

The ultimate five trading books for beginners

The Ultimate Five Trading Books For Beginners

If you want to become a master trader, you need to follow in the footsteps of traders who have already been there. One of the best ways to do that is to read their advice via the trading books they have written….

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The ultimate five trading books for beginners

The Evolution of Money and Cryptocurrency

What is the history of money and where did it all start? Money has come a long way since the days of our ancestors who had nothing but goods to exchange with each other instead of paper or electronic money.

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the forex market: A Quick Guide For Beginners

The Forex Market: A Quick Guide For Beginners

If there ever was a time to start learning about financial markets, investing, crypto’s and forex trading, it is now. If you are looking to educate yourself about important financial matters, like forex trading, you are in the right place.

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Giovana Vega

Financial Awareness Blogger

Hi, I’m a certified forex trader with a vision to empower women and provide them with the courage and confidence they need to live independent lives on their own terms.

I show women how to leverage their money and be wise with their spending. I am a firm believer that women need to build a strong investor mindset in order to unleash their potential in the financial sector.


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