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How to Achieve Your Money Goals - trading for women blog

How to Achieve Your Money Goals

Financial goals help you stay motivated to build savings, initiate investments, and hit money targets so that you achieve the life of your dreams. This article will talk about what financial goals can look like and how you can set them for yourself.

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Best Altcoins that will be Unstoppable in 2022

Best Altcoins that will be Unstoppable in 2022

Alternative cryptocurrencies or altcoins saw huge gains in 2021, topping $3 trillion in market capitalization. This marked a new milestone for cryptocurrencies and, since then, their popularity has only increased. Here, we will talk about all the cryptocurrencies that you should watch for in the year 2022.

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What is Bitcoin and Why is it so Popular

What is Bitcoin and Why is it so Popular?

Bitcoin is touted as the world’s first decentralized digital currency. It is the most popular cryptocurrency among the many thousands that exist. This article will tell you everything you need to know about it.

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Blockchain and its benefits trading for women

What is Blockchain and What are its Benefits?

A blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger that records transactions and tracks assets in a network. Blockchain and its benefits include the enhancement of trust in financial transactions and record-keeping.

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trading for women support and resistance

What are Candlesticks in Trading?

Candlestick patterns are a great way to view changes in a financial instrument’s price. They are an efficient indicator of where the price will go during a specific time period, making them essential for every trader to learn.

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Trading for women - support and resistance post

Price Action Trading – Why it can be Important

The best forex brokers provide convenient access to trade in forex markets and other financial instruments. They are essential for every new trader to gain an understanding of the financial markets so they can learn how to navigate their way in the forex world confidently.

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Giovana Vega

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Hi, I’m a certified forex trader with a vision to empower women and provide them with the courage and confidence they need to live independent lives on their own terms.

I show women how to leverage their money and be wise with their spending. I am a firm believer that women need to build a strong investor mindset in order to unleash their potential in the financial sector.


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