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In my book Trading for Success; 8 Secrets Why Women Are Better Forex Traders, I explain the concept of technical analysis and share insightful discussions with established female traders about their practical experiences. Finally, there is also a questionnaire crafted to help you discover your trader personality.

For many years, financial markets have been dominated by the male presence without giving much room for female participation and creativity. 

I invite you to be part of this fascinating world of trading. You don’t need to be a wizard at math to become a female trader.

This book has been written from a feminine angle so that women can acquire basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge to operate in the financial markets.

Discover the online trading book written with you and every other woman in mind; the book shows you how money works and how to make it work for you. Finally, there is also a questionnaire crafted to help you discover your trader personality.

Interested in learning how to build the independent financial future of your dreams? Then read on.


Learn New Skills

Learning to trade and invest provides women with control over their financial future.

Belong To A Community

Join hundreds of women with similar journeys, just like you, all rooting for each other's success

Grow Your Wealth

As long as the basics are covered, you are one step closer to taking charge of your financial future.

No Competition

You are a free agent. You can do it from anywhere on planet earth.

Gain The Required Knowledge

Evaluate the difference between trading and investment

You Can Do It!

Discover the 7 innate qualities that you have but you are unaware of

What is Trading for Success?

TRADING FOR SUCCESS: 8 secrets why women are better forex traders

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Giovana wrote this book with every career woman and female entrepreneur in mind. This book is for every woman who intends to make a living from trading.

You deserve to know how to multiply money and how your unique strengths as a woman can make money work for you so that you and every other woman out there do not have to make the same mistakes she did while on her journey to financial freedom. All women have the ability to learn, gain knowledge and make wise trading and investing decisions.

The gems you’ll find here are not just from the author, but several other female traders who have done exceptionally well in a field that is populated by men.

It is your time to discover more about online trading as a woman. The book focuses on some amazing skills and procedures about trading for women. With the help of this book, you can make the trading work for you.

In the book, you will…

  1.  Discover the 7 innate qualities that you have but are unaware of that can help you at investing and trading online.
  2.  Learn trading and investment as a tool to create wealth and get familiar with currencies to make financial choices.
  3. Find out exactly how trading works and how you should be doing it. Do you need a financial degree or not to get along with trading?

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Book Trading for Success - Author Giovana Vega

Worried to take the first step? I know just how you feel. I felt it, too

But if you’re ready to look beyond the fear and take your money destiny to greater heights, Trading for Success is for you!

Trading for Success will not tell you the forex market is all rosy. It will expose all the risks, explain how to overcome some and how to totally avoid others. Dear woman, this book is as real and honest as it gets with financial markets. 

Trading for Success is what you NEED.

The Mastermind Behind It All

This book was written with much love and passion by Giovana Vega

Giovana is the founder of her business, Trading for Women, which focuses on fostering a money growth mindset and a wealth creating lifestyle. She has authored four books, including Awaken the lioness within, which has skyrocketed and become and Amazon bestseller, as well as her new book, “Trading for success: eight secrets why women are better forex traders”. Giovana was recently broadcasted on National Dutch RTL4 TV channel where she spoke about her passion for women in finance and new book, Trading for success.

At one of the world’s largest trading events in Madrid, Spain one of Giovana’s trading strategies was presented. This strategy focused on the maximum way to receive profitable rewards.


Here’s a snippet of the whole new world you’ll be stepping into with this book:

  • SECRET 1: Women Can Be Better Traders And Investors… For Real!

    Discover 7 innate qualities you didn’t know you had that can give you an advantage in trading and investing. Yes, they’re already in you. All it takes is activation.

  • SECRET 2: Take Bold Steps! Beyond The Knowledge!

    Find out the differences between investing and trading to help you make informed financial choices. Also, wouldn’t you love to find out the kind of trader and investor you are?

  • SECRET 3: Female Traders Inspire Women To Achieve Success In Trading

    Female traders are not too many, sadly because most don’t want to take risks. Get to read the experiences of these women and find out if it’s really worth holding on to that fear.

  • SECRET 4: Learn The Language Of Trading: Technical Analysis Basics

    Knowledge is useful when you put it into practice. Learn the fundamentals of technical analysis and fundamental analysis on your way to becoming a trading success story.

  • SECRET 5: Learn A New Skill And Attain Financial Independence: Forex Market Basics I

    Find out exactly what Forex is and all you need to know beyond what is on the internet. Learn the best and worst times to trade, the different currencies and how to pair them.

  • SECRET 6: Learn A New Skill And Attain Financial Independence: Forex Market Basics II

    If you’re going into Forex, you need to understand currencies. No currency stands alone and there are different factors to consider when discovering that world. Know what it means and what to do when you’re a bull (buying currencies) or a bear (selling).

  • SECRET 7: Smarter Trading; Higher Profits

    One important person when it comes to trading is the broker. You’ll learn all that the broker does, and every other concept associated with the broker.

  • SECRET 8: Controlling Your Emotions

    Emotions are a double-edged sword. They can make or destroy your trading account. Learn how to channel the right emotions and how to control the ones that won’t help as you navigate market cycles and trading decisions. Online trading is a new territory for most women, but if you’re ready to learn more and conquer this world of financial independence, you are at the right place.

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Time to use your imagination and creativity! 

Every woman deserves to take control of her financial destiny by knowing how money works and making the right decisions. You may not know what you’re missing until you taste financial freedom!


If you are interested in interviewing Giovana, the author of the book Trading for Success, contact our team at so they can manage the collaboration of interest.


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