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You are invited to unlock your financial future and soar to new heights.

My books are not your traditional financial guideline. Because traditional financial education never worked for me. Each book I’ve written speaks to the heart and empower women with information and resources to accelerate their financial success.

Trading for Success; 8 secrets why women are better traders.

Are you a woman curious about the trade market but convinced it is beyond you? Then this book, where author Giovana Vega answers all the questions you always wanted to ask about trading on the Forex floor but were afraid to ask, is written for you.

Based on eight secrets, the author smoothly guides us through this world, which has become hers, professionally translating specific lingo into simple terms with diagrams and analogies, explaining why she believes women most definitely have their place in this male-based industry and encouraging women to take their financial future into their hands.

Straight-forward with a twinkle of humor, she effortlessly moves from the broad lines of WHAT it is and HOW it works, to specifics such as when are the best times to trade.

8 secrets she generously shares to empower, inspire and motivate women to join this trade where they can flourish.


Trading for Success, 8 secrets why women are better forex traders


Book: Trading for Success, 8 secrets why women are better forex traders


The Phenomenal Global Women; 10 remarkable women leading the way to a New Paradigm.

This is a unique book that brings the diversity of ten women from different countries living in different parts of the world. All are successful and inspirational with the drive to do great things for the world: Bindar Dosanjh from India, Laura Timm from Estonia, and Lara Khalaf from Syria, all now living in London UK; Robbie Mathews from Chicago and Lynda Cormier- Hanser, from Palm Springs in the US; Gema Ramirez from Spain; Giovana Vega from Peru, and Ivana de Haan of Serbian heritage, both living in The Netherlands; Keidi Pushi, of
Albanian heritage living in Canada, and Connie Lee Bennett from the UK, living in Paris. They are truly global women and when you read or listen to their stories you will understand that they are phenomenal too.

The founder of Global Woman magazine and the coordinator of the whole project, Mirela Sula, has also written a special chapter in this book. The producer of the show for PBS TV, Darla Boone, has brought her perspective of her work with the phenomenal global women project. The book has a foreword by Dr Ervin Laszlo, who is an
esteemed and wholehearted supporter of the Global Woman platform.



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