Financial Planning for her by Giovana Vega


The Secret to Becoming Financially Healthy Even If You Know Absolutely Nothing About Money Management

A step-by-step Roadmap that will lead you to a place of financial independence and ultimately make you financially healthy…

It's a good thing that you're earning your own money as a business or career woman.

And yet, you lack the funds to cater to your needs…a situation that many women have to deal with. Anyway, the point is that you're MAKING money…
And because you're making money, the implication is that you're also spending it…which is expected. But here's the thing…
Making or spending money is not an issue concerning your finances…at least, it should never be.

The issue lies in your inability to manage and grow your finances to ensure that you have enough to cater to the lifestyle that you desire and give your family and loved ones a better life.

Let's face it…

According to basic economics, resources (including financial resources) are limited and will always be limited compared to all your needs, wants, desires, and dreams that require financing.

So, it doesn’t matter how much you earn; the fact remains that it will never be enough for YOU.

In fact, you’ll always feel that you need to make more money…so what do you do?


You put in extra hours at
your work or spend more time in your business
just so you
have more income.


The time that you could have spent with family and friends is spent slaving at your workplace or in your business


You end up putting a strain
on your relationships
and missing crucial
in your children's lives.


And the worst part is that you gradually wear yourself
out, thereby putting
your health at
great risk.

But it doesn't have to be this way…

What if I told you that you can still live the kind of lifestyle that you desire…?

I’m talking about that life that you’ve always dreamed about, but which seems far-fetched because you don’t have the money to finance it.

In short, I'm talking about your BEST LIFE!

And I’m going to reveal to you the secret of how you can live that life without necessarily “killing yourself” trying to make more money to attain it.

I will do that in a moment…

But before I do, I feel the need to let you know that I totally understand that you’ve probably tried different ways of managing your earnings.

You’ve probably forced yourself to read books, attend seminars, watch webinars…

Yet you cannot point to any impact they have had on your life … instead, your money still comes and goes without you being sure what you used it to achieve.

And to make the situation worse, you always feel out of your league whenever there’s a need to take financial decisions, that you’d rather have someone else do it. 

Here’s the thing…

Those books, seminars, and webinars didn’t work for you because they were not written to suit your situation … as a woman.

As a matter of fact, most financial advice out there is NOT gender-specific, and they ignore the differences between how men and women plan for their financial futures.

This clearly puts you at a disadvantage as a woman.

Fortunately, my book titled Financial Planning for Her solves this problem for you.


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The Creative Mind Behind It All

This book was written with much dedication and passion by Giovana Vega

Giovana vega - financial planning for her

Giovana is the founder of Trading for Women, which focuses on fostering a money growth mindset and a wealth creating lifestyle. She has co-authored four books on the topic of women empowerment and Leadership including The Female Leaders of Tomorrow, Tap Into Your Power and Awaken the lioness within, which has skyrocketed and become an Amazon bestseller. The Phenomenal Global Woman Book has taken part in a documentary film released by PBS tv in the USA. She has also written three books as sole author: Trading for Success, 8 Secrets Why Women are Better Forex Traders, Financial Planning for her: The Ultimate Roadmap to Becoming Financially Healthy and Money Planner for Her. 

Giovana’s passion is helping women take control of their financial situation and grow their wealth, with particular attention to those with no financial background or prior knowledge. She shares the skills and strategies that she learned, which helped her improve her financial situation and get to where she is now. 

Twice guest on Dutch National Dutch station RTL4, she has also featured in Global Woman magazine, in the Star People magazine and has been selected as one of the 10 finalists as a speaker at TEDxAmsterdamWomen.

As an international motivational speaker, Giovana travels the world sharing her knowledge and inspiring women worldwide to invest in their financial freedom. 

Giovana is a committed woman and happy to challenge preconceived assumptions about what we can or cannot do in the financial world. She has a big heart and is motivated to make a difference for women in the competitive world we live in. She is the regional director of the Global Woman Club Amsterdam, a platform that connects women worldwide, and has won the Global Woman award for best director of the year.

However, any woman, no matter what her background may be, can benefit greatly from this book…

So, even if you’re a young college undergrad, a young lady looking to get a good job, a stay-at-home mom, or a woman entrepreneur making 7 figures in sales, this is for you.

This book will equip you with the knowledge you need to manage your finances successfully and keep you from making financial blunders that could set you back financially

About the Book…

Financial Planning for Her is a book written specifically for women to provide a simple step-by-step blueprint that they can use to quickly understand the terms of money management to preserve and increase their wealth.

Here are some reasons why this book works and is perfect for you.

A colorful book with images

Financial Planning for Her is colorful and includes images that make it inviting and unintimidating, even though it is a book about finances. It is attractive and easy to read and understand.

Self-assessment questions

These questions will help you to deduce where you are on your "journey" to attaining financial independence.

A summary of your expenses & income

 These are the resources that will help you know precisely how much money you spend every month. And what you spend it on. This means that you get to know the wasteful expenses you can cut to allow you to save more.

Tracking samples for your bills

Financial Planning for Her gives you access to sample documents that you can use to track your bills to avoid late payment and unwanted subscription renewals.

Basic money management concepts

The book consists of a detailed explanation of some basic money management concepts you're expected to know.

Lots of space for notes

You can make notes and keep your financial records in a single place and have them at your disposal.

An explanation to calculate your net worth

The book guides you on how to calculate your net worth… information you might need when making informed decisions regarding your finances.

Wealth affirmations

Financial Planning for Her contains a robust list of wealth affirmations that you can say aloud over and over…this, in turn, will help you begin to think and, ultimately, behave like a wealthy woman.

It’s heartbreaking that more women than men feel overwhelmed by money. According to a survey, nearly half (49%) of the women asked agreed that financial stress had taken a toll on their mental and emotional health.

The reality is that money will always be with us, and if you’re not dealing with your stress around money, it will affect you and cause health issues in the long run.


The only way out of this is to LEARN how to EFFECTIVELY manage your finances.

And the best resource that will equip you with this knowledge is Financial Planning for Her.

Here’s a snippet of the whole new world you’ll be stepping into with this book:

  • Chapter 1: Rewire Your Financial

  • Chapter 2: Redefine Your Financial Goals

  • Chapter 3: Implement an Income Tracker

  • Chapter 4: Track Your expenses

  • Chapter 5: Budgeting

  • Chapter 6: Understand Your Personal Income Statement

  • Chapter 7: Do the Math: Calculate Your Net Worth

  • Chapter 8: Meet Your Money Blueprint

After reading this book, you will have...

Secured your family's finances and become independent.

Managed your money when your business has extra sales.

Ensured You Don't Spend Money You Don't Have.

Learned to set and reach your goals.

Led to a happier retirement.

What are you waiting for? Let’s achieve your financial independence together!

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Time to use your imagination and creativity! 

Every woman deserves to take control of her financial destiny by knowing how money works and making the right decisions. You may not know what you’re missing until you taste financial freedom!


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