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Giovana Vega is the founder of Trading for Women and part of what is for now a rare breed, the breed of female traders. She discovered, almost by chance, a passion for currencies interaction and become a full-time Forex trader. A decision she has not once regretted, and which drives her to show other women that they can do it too. She fulfills this dedication to show women how they can create wealth through the financial markets through speaking engagements and writing books.
As she says: “It is not rocket science and it is not as tough as most of us think”

Do you want to build wealth?

I will be sharing what I have learnt in over 5 years of investing my own money in just about everything, creating extra income and enjoying life along the way. One of the most compelling reasons for you to invest is the prospect of not having to work your entire life!

Bottom line! There are only two ways to make money: By working and/or by having your assets work for you.

If you keep your money in your back pocket instead of investing it, your money is idle, and you will not gain more than what you saved. By investing, your money, your money will be generating more money by earning interest or by buying and selling assets that increase value.


Come with US and find out why this is for you!

Sunday, 14 October 2018 in Antwerp

Workshop for women: ” Women, Kick Start Your Wealth”

Saturday 13 October 2018 in Hoofddorp

Workshop for women: ” Women, Kick Start Your Wealth”

14 – 15 July, 2018:

Proud to be able to speak at the upcoming Global Woman Summit Event in NY-USA. The Global Woman Summit 2018 – New York City, which promises to be an exciting setting for the 2-day summit. Every person attending will be inspired by our speakers in a place that is professional and convenient to find.

4-5 May, 2018:

Guest speaker at the CREATIVE WOMEN CONFERENCE in Paphos, CYPRUS

17 March, 2018:

Speaker at the Conference “What’s Wrong with Men? What’s Right with Men? In London, England

3 March, 2018:


8 OCTOBER, 2017:

Speaker at Phenomenal Global Woman Conference in Los Angeles, USA

19 November, 2017:

Speaker at GW Business Forum in Tirana, Albania.

24 June, 2017:

Speaker at the Global Woman Club Paris in Paris, France.

13 May, 2017:

Speaker at the Migrant Woman Conference in London, England.