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…So you can cut-off unnecessary expenses, create more cash flow, and save yourself from financial stress.

Money Planner - Debt Management

A planner with a luxurious design with three different colors to choose from

The Planners (Hardcopy) Will Be Available on 4 September 2024

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And you need to do more than just balance your checkbook and pay the bills. Especially if you consider the following statistics:

I know that these statistics sound scary, but I want you to see that your financial needs as a woman are different from that of your spouse or partner.

You shouldn’t depend on them to make financial plans and decisions for you.

You MUST get more involved!

Because, while it may seem okay now to depend on them to handle the money matters in your relationship, you cannot guarantee that there won’t be a change in the dynamics in the future that will throw you unexpectedly into a difficult financial position.

The point I’m trying to make is that you must take control of your finances by yourself.

And the earlier you get started, the better it will be for you.


A planner with a luxurious design with three different colors to choose from

Money Planner - Debt Management

To enable you to do this effectively, I’ve developed a handy tool that you can use…something specific to women because it recognizes their peculiar needs.

Based on my experience as a wife, mother, writer, blogger, trader, investor and entrepreneur,… I have developed the Money Planner for Her, which is a practical tool that you can use over a long period to manage your finances and significantly increase your cash flow.

This product goes together with Financial Planning for Her, which enables you to implement practically everything taught in that book.


What You Will Find Inside the Money Planner


Money Planner for Her

The Money Planner for Her is mainly available in hardcover. It exists as colorful worksheets that you can use to write, record, or work out your financial plan at intervals.

The worksheets have been grouped to fall into each of the following categories, depending on their uses:

Category #1

To Help You Get a Clear Picture of Your Financial Goals

Category #2

To Help You Plan Your Personal Budget And Estimate Your Net Worth

Category #3

To Help You Track Your Income and Expenses Effectively

Category #4

Creative Calendars to Help you Track And Arrange Your Finances

Let’s take A Closer Look At Each Category

Category #1: To Help You Get a Clear Picture of Your Financial Goals

  • Daily Financial Habits Tracker 
  • Weekly Financial Habits Tracker
  • Yearly Financial Habits Tracker
  • Daily Financial Habits Overview
  • Weekly Financial Habits Overview
  • Yearly Financial Habits Overview
  • Short-Term Financial Goals
  • Medium-Term Financial Goals
  • Long-Term Financial Goals
  • Financial Goal Overview

Category #2: To Help You Plan Your Personal Budget And Estimate Your Net Worth

  • Weekly Budget
  • Monthly Budget
  • Yearly Budget
  • Personal Net Worth Template
  • Money Year Review
  • Daily Awesomeness Priority List

Category #3: To Help You Track Your Incomes And Expenses Effectively

  • Weekly Expenses Tracker
  • Monthly Expenses Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker in Categories
  • Weekly Income Tracker
  • Monthly Income Tracker
  • Yearly Income Overview
  • Income Tracker in categories
  • Monthly Personal Income Statement

Category #4: Creative Calendars to Help you Track And Arrange Your Finances

  • Undated Monthly Finance Calendar in Portrait Formats
  • Undated Monthly Finance Calendar in Colorful Design
  • All Calendars Come With Both Monday and Sunday Starts
  • All Calendars Come With Empty Spaces to Be Filled Up With Dates
  • Birthday Calendar to Keep All Your Important Dates Together

I know you have goals and dreams of what you want to achieve in your lifetime and things you'd love to do.

To achieve this, you need a financial plan. Developing the RIGHT financial plan is the only way to ensure that you meet your goals and fulfill all your desires in the time frame needed, without relying on others to back your dreams.

And a product that will help you develop the BEST financial plan that will serve you well in the coming years is the unique PLANNER I have designed specifically for women – the Money Planner for Her.

Financial Planning For Her - Giovana Vega


As an author, blogger, money mindset strategist, trader, crypto investor, and CEO at Trading for Women, my company focuses on financial literacy education. Our goal is to make the financial market comprehensible through consultations, blog posts, and my published books. I also advocate for the wider use of blockchain technology because increasing transparency and freedom will improve the lives of citizens.

Over the past 7 years, I have undergone a complete transformation in my personal development, as well as in the way I think about money and wealth. Growth has also occurred in other areas of my life, such as my health, wellness, mindset, relationship, business, etc. 

I am passionate about money, freedom, and wealth creation, focusing my efforts on this field and learning everything related to it. During this process, I have discovered that the reason why many people struggle with money is because they have conflicting habits and beliefs about money and wealth.

Having the right mindset is the basis for positively influencing your thoughts and the way you believe about something. With that being said, mindset itself is not enough. You must then incorporate the mindset shift into developing the right habits that will allow you to achieve results. In other words, take action!

During my research, I came across an article that stated 40% of women in the US are unable to accumulate any savings, having almost no wealth and few assets. Can you imagine what the statistics are throughout the rest of the world? This must stop now—it is time to gain positive habits surrounding money. 

I focused the past few years on creating financial education tools to shape the money habits of women, thus enabling us to have more confidence and knowledge regarding our money. Why am I spending my time creating these money tools? The answer is very simple: I am repeatedly seeing the same damaging patterns in many women, so I asked myself how I can help these women take control of their personal finances. I want women to have more money to invest in their personal development, life, and wealth building.

Today, I proudly present to you another money tool that I have created for you, and it is called Money Planner for Her. This planner will help you develop better control over your personal finances and learn good money habits in the process toward making better decisions.


Here’s a snippet of the whole new world you’ll be stepping into with this planner:

  • Category 1: To Help You Get a Clear Picture of Your Financial Goals

  • Category 2: To Help You Plan Your Personal Budget And Estimate Your Net Worth

  • Category 3: To Help You Track Your Incomes And Expenses Effectively

  • Category 4: Creative Calendars to Help you Track And Arrange Your Finances

The single biggest difference between financial success and financial failure is how well you manage your money.

Money Planner - Debt Management

In this amazing tool, Money Planner for Her, you will learn:

  •   To create a spending plan for your money.
  •   To keep your finances on track.
  •   To forecast how much money you will be able to save for important things. 


Take action today and start transforming your life. 

Because you are worth it, and you deserve a better life. 

A planner with a luxurious design with three different colors to choose from..

Money Planner for Her gold and white

Maybe for a long time, you’ve had your head in the sand  with regard to financial matters and keeping “your affairs” in order, just because you feel grossly unequipped to do so.

Well, I have good news for you…

The Money Planner for Her is precisely what you need.

The Planner (hardcopy) Will Be Available on 4th September 2024

The Money Planner for Her is a compilation of practical tools that will help you to:

  • Set short-, medium- and long-term financial goals.
  • Monitor your spending habits.
  • Prepare your budget all through the year.
  • Keep track of your incomes and expenses all year long.
  • Calculate your personal worth


trading for women - planners

The Planner (hardcopy) Will Be Available on 4th September 2024

trading for women - money planners

You see, while it’s essential for you to acquire financial knowledge, this knowledge in and of itself will not do you any good unless you apply it to your situation. The Money Planner for Her allows you to do just that in a simple and easy way.

The Planner (hardcopy) Will Be Available on 4th September 2024

What Are Other's Saying


Dare to grow financially

My ultimate goal is for women to become investors, learning to create their wealth. To get there, women first need to work on their financial foundation. The money planner that I’ve created will help organize finances and create new, positive habits surrounding money.

I am on a mission. I want to transform the lives of 50,000 women by the end of 2025. I deeply believe that women have so much potential, and the world is not ready for all the power we will unleash.


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Time to use your imagination and creativity! 

Every woman deserves to take control of her financial destiny by knowing how money works and making the right decisions. You may not know what you’re missing until you taste financial freedom!

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