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Create New Money Habits

By using the money-saving challenge templates


As a woman, if there’s one thing you must take seriously…it’s your finances.

And beyond making and spending money, you should actively involve yourself in making important financial decisions as well as in managing and growing your finances.

Struggling Making More Money?

Unfortunately, studies have shown that 57% of women generally do not know how to manage their money EFFECTIVELY. So, even though they have good jobs and successful businesses they don’t have a robust investment portfolio or strong savings to help them during difficult times. Instead, they prefer to leave these crucial money moves up to their spouse or significant other. This is a grave mistake, capable of setting you back financially.

Women Tend To live longer than men

Especially if you consider the fact that as a woman, you’re more likely going to live longer than your spouse or significant other. The implication is that you may be alone and financially self-reliant in your later years, perhaps having already spent some of your ‘nest egg’ on your partner’s health or end-of-life care costs. The thing is… Right now, you’re probably earning a steady income from your job or business, and probably putting aside some of your earnings as savings.


Despite this, you never seem to have enough money to invest, even though this is something you’d love to do.

Rather you spend your savings on pressing financial issues and work harder to replace them.

But how about in later years when you’re not strong enough to work?

And your cash flow dries up.

Then you must depend solely on what you set aside. Can it sustain you for years? What if emergencies arise along the way and devour your savings? What would you do? These are hypothetical questions, but they should make you think beyond the present They should spur you to think about your future and PLAN for it financially…to avoid being taken unawares.

There’s a saying that goes like this: “Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.” Only effective financial planning will forestall the possibility of this scenario coming to pass And as it stands, the most effective financial plan is to grow your money…not go on working to make more money. But by effective financial management and investing…

You need to grow your finances to the extent that you start generating passive income from it.

Although this is easier said than done…

I have created the perfect tools and resources that would help you achieve this, and you can get hold of them on this page.

Hi, I’m Giovana, and I would like to introduce to you some RESOURCES and TOOLS that will help you increase your knowledge about financial matters, manage your money effectively, and grow your wealth to an enviable level. . . even if you lack basic knowledge about these things and typically shy away from taking an active role in managing your finances.

The PRODUCTS in this WEBSITE were designed and created to teach you money basics terms you’re supposed to know about handling your finances and to guide you in implementing this knowledge.

What is a money-saving challenge?

The Money-saving Challenge Tracker can work wonders for you. If you are someone who feels like their money is spent way faster than it is made, you are not alone. In these trying times, we could all use some extra cash. 

Money planner giovana vega

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Today:

  • Instructions on how to use the Money Saving Challenge Templates
  • The 26-Week Bi-Weekly
  • The 40-Week Money Saving Plan
    (for smaller budgets)
  • The 40-Week Money Saving Plan
    (for bigger budgets)
  • 5 Sizes: A4
  • 5 color alternatives
  • 4 currencies alternatives
  • PDFs format & Instant Download
  • Print it as many times as you wish 
  • Use the Money-Saving Challenge template over and over again!



A Template With Four Different Currencies To Choose From…

These templates have been created with the idea of fostering new financial habits so you can have a better relationship with your money. Since there are more than 100 currencies, I have created one template with NO currency so that you can add your own currency to it. Besides that, we have also four Money-Saving Challenge templates from which to choose any of four different currencies: EUR| USD | GBP | CHF


Just imagine…
How much money could you save this year? This money-saving challenge template is available in US dollar (USD)

money saving bundle ADD your currency.peg


As the end of each month approaches, does it make you feel as if your money has just flown out the window without you even noticing it? Well, that is why it is so important that you know where your money is going. This is a template with NO currency so you can add your country’s currency to make it personal to you.


The Money-Saving Challenge is the perfect solution for you! This template includes everything you need to get started on your journey toward financial independence. Organize your finances and maximize your wealth with these templates that are focused primarily on savings.
This money-saving challenge template is available in Euro (€)


The Money-Saving Challenge is the perfect way to get your finances in order. With this program, you’ll be able to create a financial plan and stick to it, making your money go further. This is the perfect way to take control of your finances and start building your future. Grow your money through saving with as little as £5. This template is available in Pound (GBP)


Our Challenge is designed to help you change your spending habits and make the most of your money. By working through our templates, you’ll be able to allocate your money to the right places, such as in your emergency funds, or grow it by making investments.
This money-saving challenge template is available in Swiss francs (CHF)


You are allowed to print and use any of them from your home for your personal use.  They are not for commercial purposes. 

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Time to use your imagination and creativity! 

Every woman deserves to take control of her financial destiny by knowing how money works and making the right decisions. You may not know what you’re missing until you taste financial freedom!


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