The World Needs More

Women in Finance

And Fast!

For a long time, I lived with the idea that there was not much that could surprise me – yet coming to the realization of the title above blew me away. It did not only blow me away, but it has also been the reason for me to want to share my knowledge with as many women as possible.

Finance is in Vogue and is the New Source of Power

We must constantly put into perspective and not forget how much women’s situation has changed within the last century. To start with, many years ago, most women didn’t know much about finance. It was just not necessary to do so. Women rarely had jobs, and if they did, they had poor salaries and rarely managed their own accounts. If they inherited money, there would always be a husband, a brother, a son or some male figure managing it on their behalf. Women were not only hindered from developing financial knowledge but they were also not motivated to do so. The mentality was to survive in a male-driven world, not to make wealth. 

One hundred years later, and not only are we earners, but many of us have also become breadwinners, executives, administrative managers, etc. who make most of the financial decisions in our homes. We manage our earnings and are masters of our bank accounts. We have learned how to gather wealth. We are acutely aware of the challenges of a secure financial future and are taking control of it. 

More than any other time in history, it is necessary now for every woman to be informed about finance. Why, you ask? To make the most favorable financial decisions and to start off strong in business. 

Today’s woman is different from her ancestors. She has access to capital and is ready to use it based on the information she has.

To make the most favorable financial decisions

Women are becoming more aware of the economic opportunities available to them as well as the consequences of their financial decisions. The meaning attached to the word “managing,” for women, is as diverse as the personalities that exist.

While some women are incredibly structured and organized in their approach to finance, others prefer to go with the flow or take things as they come. Still, there are those who are completely invested in the finance aspect of their life and make sure to ALWAYS stay informed. But, regardless of their profession, cultural background, age or location, women deal with money one way or the other. And no matter what their managing style, wise women care about their finances. 

As these women become educated about investing and trading, we’ll see massive changes in asset allocation as we’ve never seen before.

Forex Lifestyle- How to become a female trader

To start off strong in business

Many have the wrong idea about the study of finance, seeing it as a degree only relevant to securing a job in the sector. But the truth is that having financial knowledge will help you no matter what area you work in.

I’m thrilled to see that women are getting smart about upgrading their financial skills to gain an edge in the competitive business world. Understanding financial concepts is not only empowering, but enhances any career path.  For example, financial literacy not only makes us stronger but also more confident. Knowledge on how to read financial charts, being able to understand what it takes to make profit, is a big asset when creating a profitable business plan. 

In recent years, women have become more and more conscious of money and the power it wields — the power to change your personal life, the power to make the world a better place, and the power to make people’s dreams come true.

When a woman who has invested in the pursuit of financial knowledge meets with great financial investment opportunities, we can take the world by storm!

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