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  1. Social Activities: Organizing social events and gatherings to foster networking opportunities and community building among women entrepreneurs, startups, professionals and investors.
  2. Personal Financial Education: Providing educational resources and workshops aimed at empowering women with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions and manage their personal finances effectively.
  3. Investing: Offering guidance and support to women interested in learn about the forex market, technical analysis. and risk management.
  4. Sale of Books: Offering a selection of books focused on trading, investing, personal finance, and related topics, to cater to the interests and needs of women.
  5. Speaking Engagements: Giovana gives speaking engagements and seminars 
    provision of valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiring stories. Whether sharing her journey to success, discussing industry trends, or providing actionable tips for financial empowerment, Giovana aims to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. While specific outcomes may vary, agreed-upon fees and expenses will be outlined in advance. Both parties commit to prompt and transparent communication in the event of cancellation or rescheduling. Any recordings or transcripts of Giovana’s presentations must be used with consent. Thank you for considering Giovana Vega  to ignite inspiration within your community.


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Details of the seller

Information on services and training.

Through this website “TRADING FOR WOMEN”, Giovana Vega markets and sells services and training related to copywriting, sales, marketing, and content creation. The services offered are related to training, coaching about the financial markets, content, and digital product creation.

The specific details of each service offered – content, price, form of payment, type of service, etc. – will be previously agreed upon with the client in each case.

The training will be done online, and the student can follow it from anywhere. The teaching method is based on a combination of videos and texts created exclusively by me.

I reserve the right of admission to the course to people to whom, in my opinion, the training is not directed. The particular characteristics of each service or training will be reported in the description of each one.


All the contents of my courses and the publications on my website -articles, posts, pages, texts, videos, tutorials, podcasts, design, the title of my site, branding colors, methodology, images, graphics, infographics, etc.- ARE SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, of which I am the owner. In no case will these rights be transferred or assigned without my prior, explicit, and written consent. Specifically, the content of the training courses may not be reproduced, distributed, sold, distributed, or used for commercial purposes or not.

In addition, all the content that appears in my training whose copyright and intellectual property belong to a third party will be duly indicated.


They are those marked in each case, expressed in euros (€), and include the applicable VAT in The Netherlands that corresponds. For the issuance of the corresponding invoices, I will be grateful if you send me your tax details to my contact email so that I can send them to you.


The services will be planned according to the availability of both myself and the client in each case. The training will be divided into 2 modalities:

Specific training: they will be launched on specific dates, giving prior notice on the website of the places offered. Once the seats of each course are covered, no more reservations or subscriptions will be accepted.

Permanent training: these courses will be, except for errors, always available on my


Payments will be made, depending on the case, in three ways: by bank transfer and through the secure PayPal platform or another e-wallet platform that accepts payments with a credit card. The services will be paid at the beginning of the contracted service. The training will be paid for at the time of purchase or reservation.


Once the payment is confirmed, I will send you the confirmation within 48 hours. The services will be carried out within the period agreed with the client before the order. The training will begin on the scheduled date.


Of services: the amount paid will be refunded as long as the work has not started on any of the contracted services. In case of withdrawal during the realization of the same, the first part paid of 60% of the price of the services will not be returned.

Training: if the student cancels his participation in the course with notice of up to 14 days before the course is held, the full amount paid will be refunded. The student may not transfer her place to another person. The courses purchased online are strictly for the person who has purchased them.

If the training is canceled by me, I will return to the student the amounts paid within 30 days from the cancellation.

Once the course information has been sent to the student, no refunds will be made.


The data that I will request from you will be essential for the performance of the services or the delivery of the courses, in each case.

I also inform you that your data will be incorporated into a mailing list, to send you information and promotions of your interest, by the services or training you have acquired. If you do not want to receive this information and you want it to be deleted, you only have to unsubscribe from the said mailing list using the “Unsubscribe” link. In addition, you can also send me an email with the concept “unsubscribe” to my contact address

In addition, I confirm that at all times I comply with the current regulations on data protection (Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on Protection of Personal Data, Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21 by which The Regulations for the development of the Organic Law and other current regulations are approved). For more information on data processing and the privacy policy of this site, you can click on this link: Privacy Policy.


The reproduction, diffusion, sale, distribution, or commercial use of the acquired services or training is prohibited, either in whole or in part. Specifically, for the students of the Trading for Women training courses and the members of their team or company, there is an express prohibition to teach a course with identical content, similar or equivalent to the training they have taken in the following 18 months to your celebration. If so, the student must pay the amount of € 10,500 for exploitation rights.


These legal conditions have been drafted under Dutch law. In the event of a conflict in the interpretation of these conditions, the competent jurisdiction will be that of the buyer’s domicile and, subsidiarity, the Hague Courts


These conditions may be modified at any time, depending on legal changes or the evolution of this website and the services offered therein. In this case, users will be informed of such modifications.


The hiring of any service or training offered on this website implies knowledge and acceptance of the legal conditions -conditions of sale and legal notice- of this website. If you have any questions regarding these general conditions of sale, I will appreciate it if you contact me at

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