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The Wealth Imperium Academy Method

Trading For Women’s purpose is to organize and facilitate trainings for women who are ready to stop being in the dark about their financial lives. We exist as the link between women and female investors and traders, ensuring that every woman has equal opportunity to create their independent financial future. We have developed a trading method called The Wealth Imperium Academy™ which is designed for successful business owners and entrepreneurs, especially for women entrepreneurs and career women, and it consists of three levels:

Embrace your
Financial Power

We believe that every woman on the planet can learn, be better informed and make better decisions regarding their financial future. We want to help women unleash their financial power. 

It is time for a new money mindset. We also believe that women can be very successful in this male dominated field. The only thing women lack is knowledge. Once you know how this industry works, you will be amazed at how much women can have an edge over men. 

From Caretaker to Risk Manager

There is some research about how empowering women for active participation in the financial markets can reduce the number and severity of market crashes. Psychological research on  traders has shown that women an edge over men because they have lower levels of testosterone. 

Women also tend to be better risk managers and have  been proved to be more in control in different situations. This is because they tend to be the caretakers in the family. This creates the strongest motive to invest.

If you’re curious about all this, contact Giovana for the latest dates and information about her trainings and workshops.

Why does Trading For Women Exist?

The purpose of Trading For Women is to organize and facilitate trainings for women who are ready to stop being in the dark about their financial life. We exist as the link between women and female investors and traders, ensuring that every woman has an equal opportunity to create their independent financial future. We have developed a trading method called The Wealth Imperium Academy™ which is designed for successful business owners and entrepreneurs, especially for women. 

Why Investing?

Think of it this way – if you decide to save some money by keeping it under your mattress, does it grow? We all know the answer to that. In our world, there are only two ways of making money – working for yourself or as an employee, or by putting your assets to work. Investors grow their money by buying assets that increase in value or earn interest on what has been put away

What Steps will I need to take to Safeguard my Future?

knowledge (1)

Getting hold of financial knowledge; never be afraid to know.

Accept that you CAN be in control of your finances

Find out your investor personality

Develop the investment strategies that suit you best

Network with like-minded women

Become financially confident

The Wealth Imperium Academy Method: WHAT IS IT?

The Wealth Imperium Academy Method offers the training series ‘Wealth & Money Training for Women’, which has been specially crafted by Gio for women of all ages who want to increase their financial knowledge and be better positioned to make decisions for their future wellbeing.


Looking for proven wealth creation techniques.

Looking to multiply the wealth she already has.

Wanting to know more about financial trading & investments.

Just tired of having other people hold her financial master key.

Service Packages

The Wealth Imperium Academy offers 4 options:

Financial Planning for Her;
Unlock Your Money Potential

3-hour masterclass (In-person event)

For women who are interested in learning about money management, we recommend taking this three-hour workshop. Being in control of your financial condition is essential if you want to build wealth for yourself and your family.

Regardless of your level of financial expertise or the amount of money in your bank account, this in-depth course is intended to provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your finances and understand money in its true essence. We outline the route to financial independence for you.

This masterclass will teach you:

  1. How to define actionable, measurable financial goals, and how to match future aspirations with existing circumstances. 
  2. Discover new ideas on how to build new passive income streams. keep more money in your purse by tracking your spending and making a budget.
  3. How to invest and save money while staying within a budget.


What are you waiting for? Let’s achieve financial independence together!


Yes, I’d love to be a part of this training

Trading & Investing Course
For Beginners

2-day workshop (In-person event)

This training is next to follow after the ”Financial Planning for Her” masterclass. The “Online Trading Course” workshop is for women who have decided to move forward in their financial education journey and decided to learn new financial skills such as trading and investing within the financial market.

In this workshop, we focus on technical analysis. We learn about financial charts, how to read them, and find the potential level to gain profits. We also focus on an in-depth search for what your type of investor is and what kind of trader or investor you can be to choose the right strategy based on your personality. 

We have combined the theoretical part with the practical part to enhance the learning process. You may be asking yourself if this course is for you.  If you want to: 

  1. Learn how the financial market works and the tools you need to succeed? 
  2. Gain financial skills and multiply your wealth.
  3. Learn how to manage risk

Then this training is for you!

Yes, I’d love to be a part of this training.


Testimonial about our 2-day training:
"The Trading Roadmap"

“I’m overwhelmed. This is such an interesting and eye-opening course.”

- Margareth Yorks -

Crypto Course For Beginners:
Private or group sessions

In-person or virtual

The sector of cryptocurrencies has drawn significant attention from the general public and the media. This is the reason why many people would like to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, before investing money in these cryptocurrencies, there is a lot to learn, though.

You’ve landed on the right page if you’re looking to buy cryptocurrencies but don’t know how to begin. With the help of this useful course for beginners, you’ll be able to set up the required account and keep your digital assets safe.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are expected to gain popularity in the upcoming years. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to take better financial decisions, discover new financial investment vehicles, and identify the best opportunities to invest.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn on how this cryptocurrency performs and even get involved with Bitcoin whether theoretically or practically.
  • Since Bitcoin is a medium of exchange, anyone from any nation, and of any age, can benefit from this whole course.
  • This is designed for individuals who are new to the field of bitcoin as well as people who like to learn more about the subject.


Yes, I’d love to be a part of this course.


Public Speaking;
Speeches & Keynotes

In-person or virtual

Giovana Vega is an international speaker. She has been inspiring women across the globe in at least 10 countries about empowering women financially. She speaks at conventions, seminars, and events. 

Her style can be described as clear and substantial with a touch of inspiration. She is also always connected to her audience. 

Keynotes are a valuable investment in the development of individuals and teams. Giovana creates this offer with attention to the audience.

She always ensures a combination of components such as knowledge transfer to build a strong foundation and interaction with the audience. 


Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What training sessions should I sign up for?

If you don’t have any financial knowledge, I’d suggest you take on Financial Planning for Her; Unlock Your Money Potential. This masterclass takes off from ground zero and puts women through all they need to know about money management, savings, debt, and much more. Giovana’s book is a fantastic resource for finding out how to handle your money wisely.

I’d love to be
a part of this training!

Do I need to have a
financial background?

No. You don’t need prior financial knowledge or a technical degree to learn about trading & investing. Everybody is welcome. 

I have some money, but I don’t know what to do with it.

One thing we know, putting your money in the bank won’t make it grow. If you learn to invest, however, you can get a decent return on your investments, whether medium or long-term: you know best when it comes to decisions about your money. 

Trading and investing sound complicated. Can women understand it?

Yes, women can learn and understand trading & investing. You might be shocked to hear that research has proved women make better traders and investors than men. Our inherent features make us better risk managers, which is one of the hallmarks of successful traders and investors. Giovana’s strategy was featured during Madrid’s trading day event as one of the most successful strategies created by a woman.  

What do I need to do first?

Our 3-hour Masterclass Financial Planning for Her is the ideal place to start. We methodically introduce the basics to women so that they can build a firm foundation before learning other financial skills.Success cannot be rushed, and we are all too mindful of this.

I’m too old to learn.
Can I start now?

I once interviewed a lady in Germany who started trading at age 76 because retirement could not support her lifestyle. If she could create a portfolio of over  €1 million after six years of investing, you can too.

I really want to learn but I’m not sure if this is for me. How do I know?

If you are unsure of which course is ideal for you, we advise you to email us. We will be pleased to assist you in making the right decision.

How do I register for courses?

If you’d like to sign up for one of our training, we encourage you to email us and let us know the course you’re interested in attending. The complete information about the training you want to take will be sent to you after we receive your email with your query.

Have another question for Giovana?

Feel free to send her an email

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