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As women, we tend to approach finances differently than men. We are more cautious with our handling of money. Any best book in personal finance for women knows that. As a result, these money lessons from the best personal finance book contain advice that pertains to women’s general attitude toward money and how they can best manage finances using that attitude.

Women are also less likely than men to be in debt. Not only that, but women are great at finding experts to help them in their financial journey. They do not shy away from accepting expert help in any area in that they are not an expert.

In essence, women are experts at finding experts. According to a report by Fidelity, 53% of women, compared to only 44% of men, were likely to seek advice from professional financial planners. 

Owing to these different approaches to finances, it only makes sense that women should have their own set of books and guidelines to follow when it comes to personal finances.

Therefore, my blog and books are dedicated to the financial progress of women. I believe both men and women should be equally capable of building personal wealth.

Table of Contents

The Power of Your Brain

One of the best books in personal finance is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. While it was written in 1937, it still stands as one of the true classics of finance. The lessons it teaches can still be used to this day.

In this book, author Napoleon Hill analyzes the psychological power of your brain and its ability to help you achieve your financial dreams. Hill researched more than 40 millionaires and found that whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve.

To achieve anything, first, there should be desire. Once you have that desire, you can then work on being the master of your financial journey.

On your financial journey, when defeat comes, take it as a signal that your plans are not good enough and that you need to improve. Failure should be a lesson to move forward in a better way and not something that should set you back.

Finding the Missing Link Between You and Financial Success

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is another book that is worth a mention here. It reveals what is the difference between people who succeed in getting rich and people who struggle with money.

The book does a deep dive into how we think about money in our subconscious minds. It tells us how our childhood experiences have a big impact on how we think of money. But even if your childhood wasn’t filled with great financial advice, you can still train your brain to think differently about money as an adult.

In essence, the missing link between you and financial success is the way you think about money. This is because the way you think about money is the way you approach it. And that makes all the difference!

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Being a Rich Woman

Famous author Kim Kiyosaki’s book A Rich Woman serves as a great financial literacy book that every woman should read. According to the writer, being a rich woman is about setting yourself free. Truthfully, money has enormous power. It has the power to set us free. But when used carelessly, it can backfire and instead enslave us.

In her book, Kiyosaki encourages women to learn from people who are already doing what they are teaching. That means taking advice and gaining knowledge from financial planners who are investors and traders. This is why my books are a great start for women looking to step into the world of finances. As an active investor with a diverse portfolio, my goal is to use my experience to educate women.

Based on what I have learned through decades of experience and trial and error, I have distilled my insights into my Financial Planner for Her.

Financial Planner for Her

The Financial Planner for Her is geared toward women who want to take control of their finances. It contains self-assessments that are written specifically for women.

My goal with this planner is to provide females with a step-by-step blueprint that they can easily follow to be better with money. The personal financial planner is geared towards beginners because it is so easy to grasp. However, even if you are not a beginner, it still serves as the best book in personal finance that can make it all easier for you.

So, How Does My Financial Planner Help You?

My financial planner is designed to allow women to live the lifestyle they want while still budgeting and saving effectively. My aim is to instill money habits in you that will last a lifetime. We are not looking for short-term solutions only.

Therefore, we begin by rewiring and redefining the way we spend money and the financial goals we set. Setting goals is a necessary step. If you don’t know what you are working towards, you won’t know what steps to take.

Not having any goals is like shooting in the dark. It is a hit or a miss. But mostly, it is a miss because you don’t know what it is you are targeting. Therefore, if you want to succeed financially, you need goals.

What Happens After You Set Goals?

From there, you can start making tangible changes in your finances that will help you achieve those goals by using my income tracker.

What makes Financial Planning for Her the best book in finance is how illustrative and fun to navigate it is. You can track the inflow of cash that you have available each month in a creative way instead of relying on dull financial spreadsheets.

Implementing an income tracker also helps you track your expenses and leads to saving extra each month as you identify and eliminate wasteful money habits.

This is useful because you can’t know where you can save more and cut expenses when you don’t even know what you are spending in the first place. There’s nothing financially worse than having no idea what’s going on with your own money. It’s easy to set goals and have financial dreams. But if you are not tracking your expenses, there is nothing that is holding you accountable. Consequently, you are more prone to making bad decisions.

What Else Can You Do with Financial Planning for Her?

Adding to your tracking is the act of budgeting. This is another area that the planner explores in depth. Regardless of what you make, having a budget is imperative. Many people cringe at the thought of budgeting. They associate the term with having to deprive themselves of joy.

However, budgeting is more about how you can enjoy yourself while still making the right financial choices. It allows you to see the value in life rather than aimlessly spending without a plan. Undoubtedly, to achieve your financial goals, you need to know where your money is going. This is only possible if your budget.

Using my financial planner, you will learn that budgeting allows you to spend on things that you actually value in life. This is the opposite of spending aimlessly without any thought or plan.

Financial Planner for Her also guides you in understanding your income statement, calculating your net worth, and designing a money blueprint that is personalized to you.

With all these resources collected in one book, you get to have a well-rounded picture of what your finances are and what they should look like in the future.

Conclusion – The Best Book in Personal Finance for Women

I mentioned Financial Planner for Her in this article as the best book in personal finance because it truly is that good. You have a complete financial blueprint of what you need to do.

No more reading endless books or listening to a ton of long podcasts. With the planner, you will be able to gain and apply information instantly. Think of it as your financial manager. You will find yourself making good money decisions in no time!

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